Uniform Embroidery, Otley

Uniform Embroidery, Otley
Uniform Embroidery, Otley

What is it about wearing uniform clothing, branded and marked by printing or embroidery, that the educational, sports and business worlds so often subscribe to? In Otley alone, there are hundreds of organisations that employ the use of uniform embroidery. Do you remember the first time you wore a uniform and perhaps wondering why you had to wear the same outfit that everybody else had?
A uniform, or even just a badge and brand marking on clothing, makes a statement, it identifies a person as belonging to, or being affiliated with, a particular organisation or group. It makes a statement about the establishment the uniform comes from, and it tells us something about the wearer. As well as all of this, wearing a uniform in your school years teaches life skills that will, if taught well, stay with the pupils and students for their whole working life.
To take pride in, and care for the uniform embroidery you wear shows observers what kind of character you have. Will you take your role seriously as part of the group that you so clearly represent to onlookers? Are you someone who cares about others, not wishing to offend or disrespect anyone by the way you care for your dress code? And, are you a team player, and humble enough to recognise yourself as part of a whole, and not just an individual?
Most uniforms in schools and other educational buildings have a badge chosen to symbolise their institution and represent them as an organisation. These badges, rather than being pinned to the clothing are attached permanently to the clothing using embroidery. Using uniform embroidery, rather than print, gives the outfit a professional and serious look. For example, professional sports wear, for the players or the supporter’s merchandise, often have only the name of the team players (or perhaps the fan) printed onto the shirt. The rest of the information, from the badge to the sponsors are often embroidered or appliqued onto the clothing. This method suggests a more permanent, designated purpose for each piece of uniform clothing being embellished with embroidery.
In the market town of Otley, is a business that proudly provides professional uniform embroidery to any businesses, educational facilities or sports teams in the UK. Wharfedale Embroidery, in Otley, has been providing uniform embroidery on headgear, t shirts, sweatshirts, formal wear such as ties and shirts, and even socks since 2006 when the founder first began, working from home and providing Otley and surrounding areas, with the important service that supports work ethics’, team spirit and the camaraderie necessary in these groups, teams and businesses.
Once you have chosen your design for the embroidery, Otley based Wharfedale Embroidery, will work to transfer your design into an embroidery pattern using the latest digital technology available that delivers a professional, high quality finish.
For more information of what kind of uniform embroidery is available to you from the Otley shop Wharfedale Embroidery, contact them with any of your queries.