Printers, Otley

Printers, Otley
Printers, Otley

Here at Wharfedale Embroidery, we provide in house Embroidery and printing services for personal applications such as gifts and parties, for commercial business, educational institutions, sporting teams and events, and charity and community events. In fact, whatever you need our printing services for, we are here to help.
The services offered by Wharfdale Embroidery in Otley, in the printing department, for customers such as those stated above, are many and varied. Here are just a few examples of what our printers do, and what we can provide for you the customer:
Commercial businesses can benefit from the services provided by our Otley based Wharfedale Embroidery service, whether you need printers for work-based clothing, or printers for advertisement services. Our printers are suitable for use on a large selection of clothing items such as t shirts, sweatshirts, caps, socks, ties and scarves, bags and towels.
Presents and Gifts
Our printers in Otley can be used for Christmas stockings, or even a sleigh Santa sack we have available in our stock ready for printing with a chosen design. Other items, such as teddies or comforters can have names, dates of birth and slogans such as ‘daddy’s girl’ or ‘mummy’s boy’ printed on using our digital professional printers.
Mugs make the perfect presents for your family members when celebrating special occasions. Sentiments such as ‘Best Dad in the World’, or ‘My Mums the Best’, can be made that little bit extra special when we use our printers to put their name or a special sentiment and statement that’s personal to them.
Sports Memorabilia
Fans of sports teams, whether that be the local Otley netball team or a university-based rugby team from further afield, love to wear and own sports memorabilia in support of their favoured team. This encourages the team spirit and solidarity felt within a club or membership. Wearing a supporter t shirt for example, or waving a scarf that has the team name marked by our printers, allows fans to feel part of any of the events and competitions held by their team, contributing also to the fun element of going out to watch your team play.
Again, having a mug or bag marked with the name of your chosen sports team can make the perfect present for those that you love.
Special Occasions
Hen nights, Stag do’s, leavers parties, charity events and local community events that require a logo, motto or funny slogan printed onto clothing, banners or memorabilia can rely upon Wharfedale Embroidery and printers in Otley, to create the style and look exactly as they want.
School Equipment & Clothing
Apart from providing embroidery services for school clothing, we also offer our printing services for educational uniform clothing and for schooling equipment. For example, PE kit bags can have the school logos applied to the surface using our printers, as well as book folders and bags.
For more information on how we can provide a service to you using our printers or embroidery services, contact Wharfedale Embroidery today.