Custom Embroidery.

Custom embroidery.
Custom Embroidery

With high-quality stitching and a professional finish, our custom embroidery is perfect for a wide range of garments. From polo shirts and t-shirts to sweatshirts and cargo pants; custom embroidery can enhance your clothing and deliver a bespoke finish.
Commonly used on workwear, custom embroidery is perfect for increasing brand awareness. With your logo embroidered on to your uniform, your staff will be easily identifiable when they’re in-store or working in the field.
To find out more about the benefits of custom embroidery, contact the Wharfedale Embroidery team on 01943 465 112.
Advanced Digitisation for Perfect Designs
Embroidery is the ideal embellishment, providing it’s applied with precision. At Wharfedale Embroidery, we’re committed to delivering the highest quality service and products, which is why we use advanced digitisation.
Our specialist equipment enables us to convert your logo, text or graphics into detailed custom embroidery. With in-house embroiders on hand to undertake every aspect of the process, we’ll ensure your garments are produced to a high quality.
Why Choose Custom Embroidery?
Custom embroidery is one of the most durable methods of embellishing garments. Whether you want to add your logo to baseball caps, polo shirts or sweatshirts, high-quality embroidery will stand the test of time.
With the right care, custom embroidery can withstand years of wearing and washing. If you’re creating workwear for your staff, it’s essential that each item is hardwearing and long-lasting. Custom embroidery delivers just that.
In addition to this, custom embroidery creates a highly professional finish, which helps to reflect your brand in the best light. The added texture offered by embroidery can also enhance the finished product. While printing can reflect colour and detail, embroidery is the best form of embellishment for adding a tangible feel and textured finish.
If you want to find out how custom embroidery can enhance your garments, get in touch with us today on 01943 465 112.
Bespoke Gifts with Custom Embroidery
Custom embroidery may be ideal for workwear and uniforms, but it has plenty of other uses too. From kid’s clubs and hobby groups to sportswear and gifts; embroidery can be used to enhance almost any type of garment.
Our range of bespoke gifts gives you the opportunity to use our custom embroidery services to create a personalised finish. Whether you’re celebrating a new birth, a wedding, anniversary, graduation or birthday, custom embroidery can add personalisation to gifts, such as teddies and blankets.
If you want to create a timeless gift for a loved one, our custom embroidery services are the perfect way to do it.
Why Choose Wharfedale Embroidery?
With over 13 years’ experience in the industry, we have an in-depth knowledge of the best custom embroidery processes and methods. Our products are manufactured in-house, so you can trust us to carry out every element of your garment embellishment.
What’s more – we can offer fast turnaround and guaranteed deadlines, so you never have to wait long for your garments to be in your hands. To find out more, contact Wharfedale Embroidery now on 01943 465 112.