Company Logo Printing

company logo printing
Company Logo Printing

Adding your company logo to workwear boosts brand awareness and helps to identify your employees more easily. Perfect for staff who work in-house or in the field, branded uniform will take your company to the next level.
At Wharfedale Embroidery, we used the latest methods to deliver high-quality company logo printing. Our in-house equipment enables us to print on to virtually any item of clothing, so we can create bespoke uniforms for your brand, regardless of your industry or sector.
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Increase Brand Awareness with Company Logo Printing
When your staff wear branded uniform, they’re walking adverts for your business. This is a fantastic opportunity for you to market your services and ensures that your logo and typography become familiar to people in the community.
In addition to this, company logo printing will ensure your members of staff stand out in a crowd. This plays a functional role when employees are working in busy environments, such as in a retail store. With company logo printing and branded uniforms, customers can identify staff members quickly and access the help they need.
Strengthen Your Team with Branded Uniforms
When staff members are issued with branded uniform, it fosters a sense of camaraderie and team loyalty. This plays a significant role in group and individual performance, so it’s important to strengthen team bonds wherever possible.
Company logo printing may seem like a simple way of creating a strong in-house team, but it’s one that works. Furthermore, it’s a highly cost-effective way of creating a tight-knit unit. When you add your bespoke logo to your uniforms, you can create a sense of belonging amongst team members and increase the confidence of your staff.
Creating Bespoke Uniforms
At Wharfedale Embroidery, we understand the importance of creating a custom uniform for your brand. That’s why we have a wide range of garments and brands available. Whether you’re a catering firm that requires aprons and chef’s hats, a drainage company that needs cargo pants and fleeces or a retail business that could benefit from polo shirts and baseball caps; we’ve got everything you need to create the perfect branded uniform.
In addition to our extensive catalogue of garments, you’re welcome to supply your own clothing for company logo printing. If you have existing uniforms, for example, we can enhance them by adding your company logo to them. Alternatively, if you’ve already selected your new uniform, we’ll be happy to apply our company logo printing services to your garments.
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Giving you a unique opportunity to enhance brand awareness, increase team building and serve your customers more effective, company logo printing can set your brand apart from the rest. With fast turnaround times, high-quality print methods and an utterly reliable service, our company logo printing can transform your uniform quickly and efficiently.
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